The difference between life insurance and other insurance

Protection is a significant part of everybody’s monetary preparation. Insurance is a policy that spreads the gamble and gives security against monetary misfortunes that might emerge because of vulnerability. Protection assists with accomplishing monetary strength. Protection is comprehensively classified into two kinds – Life protection and general protection. In this article, we should gain proficiency with the contrast between extra security and general protection alongside learning the kinds of plans presented under every one of the two protection classes.

Comparison chart to know the difference between life insurance and general insurance:

Basis of Comparison

Life insurance

General insurance


Life insurance is an insurance contract, wherein the insurance company promises to compensate the insured individual for uncertainties of life that are death. Life insurance provides protection against life risks.

General insurance is an insurance contract, wherein the insurance company promises to compensate the insured individual or entity for the financial loss or damage caused due to an unfortunate event. General insurance gives protection for all the valuable things that are important to you.

Term of contract

Long-term contract

Short-term contract

Nature of contract

Life insurance is not a contract of indemnity. It is considered an investment

General insurance is a contract of indemnity

Insurable interest

Life insurance requires the beneficiary to have an insurance interest in the person who is being insured. That means insurable interest needs to be present at the time of underwriting

In general insurance policies, insurance interest is expected to exist both at the time of underwriting and at the time of loss.

Payment of claim

Benefits under the policy are paid on the occurrence of an insured event or on maturity

Financial loss caused due to the insured event is remembered on the occurrence of the particular event

Compensation value

The compensation value is dependent on the premium payable under the policy

The compensation value is the actual loss incurred in the insured event (maximum amount payable is subjected to the policy limit)

Premium payment

Premiums need to be paid periodically over the years for a specified term

Premium is paid in a lump sum as the policy is purchased for the short-term and plans need to be renewed on expiry


Many life insurance plans come with a savings element which helps the insured to build a corpus or create wealth for future

General insurance plans have no savings component as it’s an indemnity contract wherein you incur the premium cost to avail the protection

Now that we know the distinction between extra security and general protection, how about we comprehend both life coverage and general protection exhaustively with the sub-classes advertised.

What is extra security?

Life coverage is an agreement between two gatherings – insurance policyholder and insurance agency, wherein the insurance agency vows to pay a specific amount of cash to the assigned recipient in return for payment during the death of the policyholder. An unadulterated extra security strategy offers assurance against life risk by giving passing advantages to the recipient of the policyholder on his/her demise. Nonetheless, extra security plans arrive in a more extensive assortment. Numerous extra security approaches accompany the double advantage of assurance and reserve funds. There are plans that accompany reserve funds part connected. We should investigate different kinds of extra security plans accessible.

Kinds of life coverage strategies

Types of life insurance policies

Term protection:
Term extra security plans are the unadulterated insurance designs that give life cover to a particular term, say 20 years, 30 years, and 40 years. Charges under these strategies should be paid out occasionally for the strategy time frame. Total guaranteed or passing advantage will be paid to the recipient assuming that the protected bites the dust during the strategy term. Assuming that the safeguarded endures the strategy term, nothing will be paid in kind as the approach has no investment funds part.

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Entire life coverage:
As the name infers, entire life coverage plans are intended to give risk cover as long as the policyholder is alive. Entire life coverage plans accompany the cash esteem part which will be paid as endurance benefit toward the finish of the approach term/on development. Nonetheless, even after the development of the arrangement, the arrangement keeps on giving the passing cover to the entire existence of the safeguarded.

Blessing protection:
Blessing approaches are the customary items that accompany a double advantage of security and reserve funds. In these strategies, assuming the policyholder bites the dust during the strategy term, the recipient will be remunerated with death benefits. Notwithstanding, in the event that the policyholder endures the strategy time frame, a singular amount (endurance benefit) sum will be paid on development. Gift insurance contracts are great for long-haul financial backers searching for safe venture choices.

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Cashback plans:
Cashback plans are the sort of gift designs that give both security and abundance creation benefits. In any case, in cashback plans, endurance benefits are paid in extent over the time of the approach term which assists with accomplishing significant achievements throughout everyday life.

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Benefits plans:
Benefits plans are extraordinarily created venture items for post-retirement pay. The charges paid towards benefits plans are gathered and the singular amount benefit on the development is utilized to buy an annuity for paying normal pay then onwards. Click on Pension Plans to know more.

Unit connected growth strategies (ULIPs):
ULIPs are market-connected speculation in addition to insurance designs that put a piece of your payment in market-connected monetary instruments and the piece of your payment is utilized to give life cover. ULIPs are customizable items that accompany different appealing highlights and adaptable advantages.

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What is general protection?

General insurance is a repayment policy that doesn’t go under the domain of extra security. Essentially, general protection gives insurance against misfortunes emerging out of different dangers to the significant things you worth like wellbeing, business, engine vehicle, and home. General protection comes in different sorts.

Types of General Insurance

Sorts of General Insurance:
Engine protection:
Engine protection gives security against outsider risk emerging in a mishap, harm to claim vehicle because of man-made and normal catastrophes alongside private mishap cover. The protection can be benefited bikes, four-wheelers, and business vehicles.

Click on Car Insurance to find out about four-wheeler protection plans and Bike Insurance to find out about bike protection plans.

Health care coverage:
Health care coverage plans give security against costs emerging out of wellbeing possibilities.

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Travel protection:
Travel protection gives inclusion to health-related crises and other excursion related misfortunes, for example, trip crossing out, flight mishaps and lost gear, and so on

Home protection:
Home protection is property protection that covers misfortunes and harms to the home and resources in the home.

Marine protection:
Marine protection gives assurance against misfortunes or harms caused to boats, freight, and transport by which merchandise is moved.

Business protection:
Business protection plans are intended to give insurance to organizations. There are different sorts of business protection, for example, proficient reimbursement protection, public responsibility protection and boss’ risk protection and so on which can be bought relying upon the prerequisite.

To finish up, life coverage and general insurance contracts are expected to get our friends and family and the significant things we love. Protection furnishes you with an inward feeling of harmony. Protection is a viable method for overseeing risk.