Personal Lines Insurance

What Is Personal Lines Insurance?

Individual lines protection alludes to any sort of protection that covers people against misfortune that outcomes from death, injury, or loss of property. These protection lines for the most part shield individuals and their families from misfortunes they couldn’t bear to cover all alone. Individual lines protection makes it conceivable to do things like driving a vehicle and claiming a home without gambling monetary ruin. This isn’t equivalent to business lines protection, which gives property and setback inclusion to organizations.


  • Personal lines insurance covers individuals against loss resulting from death, injury, or loss of property.
  • Personal lines insurance makes it possible to do things such as driving a car and owning a home without risking financial ruin.
  • Coverage generally depends on how much an individual is willing to pay in premiums.
  • In some situations, individuals may not be able to purchase insurance because they pose too great a risk to the insurance company.
  • Examples of personal lines insurance include homeowners insurance, earthquake insurance, renters insurance, car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and disability insurance.

How Personal Lines Insurance Works

Individual lines protection is any sort of protection inclusion bought by a person to cover themselves as well as their families. These approaches secure against various types of individual dangers that would prompt possibly smashing monetary misfortunes brought about by fire, burglary, catastrophic events, demise, mishaps, claims, and disease.

The measure of protection inclusion you can get for the most part relies upon the amount you will pay in charges. The more you will pay, the more protection you can get. People can typically tailor every arrangement’s inclusion and deductibles to find some kind of harmony between the measure of inclusion and the expense of charges. Expenses can likewise fluctuate as indicated by where you reside.

Individual lines protection will not cover each hazard an individual may confront. Nonetheless, it can significantly diminish the policyholder’s obligation for harms and the dollar sum they may need to pay cash based to cure a tragic circumstance.

Sorts of Personal Lines Insurance

Individual lines protection incorporates items like mortgage holders protection, flood protection, seismic tremor protection, leaseholders protection, accident coverage, life coverage, inability protection, umbrella protection, and health care coverage. A few kinds of individual protection, for example, car obligation protection, are frequently legally necessary.

For example, required least degrees of car obligation protection are normal and can shift by ward or state. Different sorts of individual lines protection, for example, exhaustive and crash accident coverage and mortgage holders protection, might be needed by moneylenders when a property is utilized as insurance for a credit.

Exceptional Considerations

People might not be able to buy an arrangement for a specific circumstance since they present too extraordinary a danger to the insurance agency. For instance, somebody with a background marked by malignancy will be unable to buy disaster protection. Another model would be a property holder who needs to purchase flood protection, however whose house is underneath the flood plain.

Now and again, high-hazard people can in any case buy protection, however they should pay better than expected charges to remunerate the back up plan for the additional danger. One normal illustration of this is high-hazard collision protection for drivers who’ve gotten numerous moving petty criminal offenses throughout a brief time frame or who’ve been to blame in various mishaps throughout a brief timeframe.


The average annual full-coverage insurance cost for medium sedans in 2020

Personal Lines Insurance vs. Commercial Lines Insurance

Personal lines insurance accounts for about 53% of net premiums written in the property and casualty insurance market, while commercial lines insurance accounts for about 47%.2


 While personal lines insurance covers individuals, commercial lines insurance provides coverage to businesses and other enterprises.

Commercial lines insurance helps protect businesses from any losses they may not be able to cover on their own. This kind of insurance not only covers large commercial enterprises but also protects small businesses against risk. Commercial property insurance, commercial auto insurance, casualty insurance, and medical malpractice insurance are all kinds of commercial lines insurance.

It isn’t always easy to determine how much coverage a business may require under a commercial policy. That’s because the needs of corporations—even small businesses—are much more complicated and complex than individuals who seek coverage.

For instance, businesses are dependent on their employees, whose actions may put the business at risk for lawsuits or damages should an accident occur. Consider drivers who use company vehicles. The liability for a company may increase because of an employee’s driving habits and behaviors while on the road.

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